Corruption in Thailand

In the past it had been customary for a Chinese entrepreneur to receive protection from powerful Thais in return for obligations; in the early sixties Prime Minister General Sarit is purported to have redirected 140 million Baht from public funds in his bank accounts, and also a recent study demonstrated that 75 per cent of Thai MPs received commissions out of development projects within their own constituencies.

One question that preoccupies many a beginner is whether you ought to be ready to grease any palms so as to achieve one’s objectives. It’s hard to give a satisfactory answer. Being a foreigner you should stay away of passing brown envelopes สมัครเรียน ราชภัฏ under the table during negotiations. Such actions will probably not smooth the manner and could land you in deep trouble in the event that you’re bidding for a government contract and the Counter Corruption Commission involves know of one’s own activities.

The optimal solution is to seek out a reputable broker who can take care of any payments which have to be made. If you try to do yourself, you will always get it wrong. Every company operating in Thailand-whether local or foreign-has its own Mr., Mrs., or Miss Fixit with good connections and knows exactly what to do to really make the wheels run smoothly.

The problem of corruption is regularly aired in Thailand, and efforts have been made to combat political corruption, particularly. At a new election several of the competitions needed to be re run since they were shown to have been rigged. Also, several of the country’s more perspicacious leaders recognize that foreign investors may shy away from states that are institutionally corrupt.

One reassuring little bit of information comes in the former British Ambassador to Thailand. “You also ought to realize that a number of the strongest Western firms in Bangkok haven’t resorted to illegal obligations precisely as there are several legal ways in which these delicate things could be solved to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.”

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